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Okoli Lin Shell Building completed in Garner NC

Design Build Group Contracts with the Rosemyr Corporation to construct new Shell Building in Henderson NC.

East Industry Drive Industrial Park in Oxford Completed.

We would like to welcome, project superintendent, Chris Harris as the newest member of our team.

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What are the benefits of Design/Build?

Single Point of Contact and Responsibility:
With both design and construction in the hands of a single qualified entity, there is a single point of responsibility for quality, cost, and schedule adherence. The design builder is highly motivated to deliver a successful project by fulfilling multiple objectives including aesthetic and functional design, constructability, budget, quality, and schedule for timely completion. With this delivery method the owner can focus on project scope and timely decision-making, rather than ongoing coordination between Designer, Engineer, Architect, and Builder.
The singularized responsibility inherent in Design Build construction serves as a motivation for quality and proper project coordination. The owner's requirements and expectations are set early in the process and it is the Design Build contractors sole responsibility to produce those results. In traditional project delivery, the owner warrants to the selected contractor that the project drawings are complete and free from error and omission. This warranty by the owner results in a restrictive contract and limited accountability for all parties. In contrast, with design/build construction, the contractor warrants to the owner that the plans are correct and designed to meet all expectations. Any design related issues are sorted out by the contractor.
Cost Savings:
Design, engineering, and construction personnel, working and communicating as one team, evaluate alternative materials and methods efficiently and accurately. Value engineering and constructability reviews are utilized continuously and more effectively when the designers work as an associate to the contractor. Also during the preconstruction phase, the design builder can reduce the owners administrative burden by streamlining the RFP and plan approval process. The owner is not required to spend time and money coordinating and arbitrating between separate design and construction contracts.
Time Savings:
Because the design and construction processes are overlapped, unlike with the Design-Bid-Build method, total design and construction time can be significantly reduced. Bidding and redesign periods are eliminated. Materials/equipment buyout and construction can actually begin before the final details are completed. The resulting time savings translates into lower cost and earlier utilization of the facility.

Early Knowledge of Realistic Cost:
Firm construction costs are known earlier than in other delivery systems. The entity responsible for the design is simultaneously estimating construction cost and can accurately conceptualize the completed project. Staged contracting for design/build services affords the owner with one or more Go!, No Go! decision points during design. The decision to proceed with the project is made before substantial design expenditure and with firm knowledge of the final cost. Knowledge of such costs also assists the owner with financing and cash flow analysis early in the project.
Additional benefits to this type of project delivery include more hands on involvement with owner, contractor led permitting, and reduction in unexpected costs. Program requirements are tested in all phases of construction and ultimately more project for the money.





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